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Investment Counseling

At It's Not Just Money, Inc., we believe in investing, not speculating. We feel that a well balanced approach to investing includes a diversity of types of investments, including some of the less exciting asset classes like bonds and cash equivalents. Diversity, along with good quality criteria in choosing investments, helps to reduce risk and makes achieving goals more feasible. We use no load mutual funds and discount brokerage accounts to implement our investment recommendations. No commissions, referral fees, or wrap fees are paid to us by any outside companies for the recommendations we make to our clients.

Working For You
Solid investing, not speculating

It's Not Just Money, Inc. believes in investing, not in speculating. We do not engage in market timing or day trading nor do we encourage our clients to pursue these strategies. We build diversified portfolios for our clients that include the ability for them to have emergency funds available.

We look at each client's situation specifically to determine what we feel is the appropriate mix of cash equivalents, bonds and other interest bearing investments, real estate, and equities. We strongly believe that we must have an understanding from the clients of their goals, risk tolerance, their current situation, the time horizon available, where the client is in their financial life cycle, and other individual factors before we can make investment recommendations.

After determining these issues with the client, we then identify the appropriate mix of assets within each of these categories. Our philosophy is not to attempt to beat market returns, but to help our clients work toward achieving their financial goals and to do so without unnecessary risk. We strongly believe that long term returns on a net worth composed of high quality diversified assets will allow clients to meet their goals with less volatility.